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Product Description:

Tap water is full of toxins, bacteria, chlorine, fluoride and more, and most often has an acidic pH. While normal filters are very good in removing contaminants, in many cases they leave the water more acidic than when it came out of the tap.
By simply using the Alkaline Water Jug you are not only taking your tap water up to a delicious pH 9, but you're also filtering out a lot of the rubbish that is in our water supply.
This is by far the most cost-effective way of getting alkaline anti-oxidant water, quickly and easily.
Brilliant for using at work, on-the-go while travelling or in your home! Never be without filtered and alkaline water again!

Product Highlights:

  • Smart filter replacement indicator
  • Fast filter flow and large top section to fill from tap
  • Jug is made with BPA FREE, Food Grade, EXTRA Strong, Shatter Proof and durable materials!
  • Completely natural filtration process
  • Ionises water (increases antioxidants)
  • Sophisticated technology Alkalises water from any source
  • Raises water to a High Alkaline (pH balance) upto pH 9.
  • Raises water to a High Alkaline (pH balance) upto pH 9.
  • Abundant minerals (Ca, Mg, Na, K and more) deposited into the water naturally
  • Abundant minerals (Ca, Mg, Na, K and more) deposited into the water naturally
  • Beautiful stylish design with comfort grip wooden handle
  • Non-slip silicon base
  • Smart lid enables refilling without removing the lid
  • Slim design fits nicely in the fridge door
  • Portable and easy to use

How does it work?

They work by passing the water through an advanced alkalising filter.

How often do you need to change the filters?

The filter needs to be replaced every 2-3 months - depending on your tap water quality.

How much water is in one jug full?

Storage capacity is 2.5 liters in main jug and 1 litre in top section.
Imagine the health benefits from having 3-4 litres of high pH anti-oxidant water every day, on tap, directly on your office desk!

It does not provide H2 Molecular Hydrogen

h2 molecular tablets
Unlike the full system the water jug does not infuse H2 Moecular Hydrogen in to the water.
Use the H2 Molecular Tablets to achieve this.
Molecular Hydrogen has over 500 peer reviewed scientific studies demonstrating the incredible effect on the body. You can see independent information here.
Laboratory tested to NATA standard. The only ‘whole of life’ filter efficiency test of any ionizer in the world.
Hydrogen Infusion Test Results: At normal flow rates exceeds electric ionizers H2 capability many times the price by a factor of over three.

H2 Molecular Tablets:

Ingredients - A proprietary patent pending hydrogen formula. Other ingredients are magnesium, magnesium malate, magnesium fumarate 50mg. 10%.Mannitol, magnesium, magnesium fumarate, malic acid, fumaric acid.
A breakthrough technology that supplies the benefits of a £3000 water ionizer in a dissolvable tablet:
  • Drop a tablet in a bottle, seal the bottle, wait 5 minutes and drink.
  • Use the water from the water jug to do this.
  • Around 3 times the molecular hydrogen per litre than in a £3000 electronic water ionizer.
  • The gas spreads throughout the body when you drink, infusing the benefits of hydrogen to every cell!
  • The Magnesium in these H2 Tablets has the following EU approved health benefits:
  • Reduction of tiredness and fatigue
  • Reduction of tiredness and fatigue
  • Normal Energy yielding metabolism
  • Normal Energy yielding metabolism
  • Normal Muscle function
  • Normal Protein synthesis
  • Normal Psychological function
  • Normal Psychological function
  • Normal Cell division
Please note: These health claims are fully approved by the European FSA. You can see these here.
Over 500 scientific studies available...
Over 500 peer-reviewed articles on molecular hydrogen's effect on the body.
Creates H2 levels of around 1.5 ppm, 3 times the normal output of a high end electronic water ionizer.

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